Reelect David Ripma To The Troutdale City Council

Troutdale is a beautiful city with a desirable location and unique history. I care about Troutdale and its citizens and, as we grow, will work to preserve our livability. Our challenge is to manage growth carefully by attracting quality development. New businesses and homes should complement what is good and replace what isn't. By deciding now what is important, Troudale will, 30 years from now, remain a beautiful place to live.

I have volunteered for Troutdale for over 20 years. For the last four years I have served on the Troutdale City Council. Before that I was Chair of the Troutdale Planning Commission and a member of the Troutdale Parks Advisory Committee, and served on the City Council before that. I have always been independent, representing only the people who elected me.

"Unlike my opponent, I do not take campaign contributions from anyone with business before the City of Troutdale."
~ David Ripma

My other qualifications and experience include:

The Troutdale Council is facing important decisions which affect city finances and our future livability. Citizens know I am always guided by what's best for Troutdale. I have the experience and background to make the hard decisions, and to always ask questions and consider issues carefully.

My position on important issues Troutdale faces in 2014:

As a city councilor, I represent all citizens of Troutdale. I have demonstrated my willingness and ability to work with the members of the city council and the mayor to help get things done. That is why I have received the number of endorsements I have, from people involved in a diversity of organizations and businesses in Troutdale.

Troutdale 100 Year Celebration – Oct 07
Rail Depot Museum Caboose
Hsrlow House Museum

"One of my favorite accomplishments was working with Union Pacific RR to get the caboose donated to the Troutdale Historical Society and delivered to Depot Park."
~ David Ripma

Please join the following supporters, who work for Troutdale's businesses and volunteer for greenspace and preservation groups and government, and reelect David Ripma.


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Video Replays Of The Troutdale Candidates Debates Are Available From MetroEast Community Media